Prohibited food for cats - What to give him to eat?

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They are companions, they get that "I want" look when we are eating something, but owners should always keep in mind that there are prohibited foods for cats. After all, if the human being needs to be careful with what he ingests, why would animals be different?

It is important to know the prohibited cat food because some cause minor intestinal damage, however, others are even fatal. Chocolate is one of them, which because it has theobromine, is extremely toxic in any amount, causing arrhythmia and can be irreversible.

After all, what are the prohibited foods for cats?

One of the biggest mistakes is to think that the feline needs cow's milk for its entire life, either to keep bones healthy or teeth rigid. After he weans, in the ration itself there are already all the nutrients necessary for him to grow strong and healthy, so he becomes dispensable and forbidden. If the pet drinks milk, it will have intestinal problems, such as diarrhea, cramps and abdominal pain.

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And just like milk, another item that is inserted between the prohibited cat food it's people's food. Many have the habit of collecting what is left of the pots and giving the cat a meal, but the animals must be fed with food, never with food (unless it is made especially for him, according to some specifications), which they can cause malnutrition, disorders in the intestine, among many other problems. Therefore, always choose the right product and of good origin to keep your cat's health up to date.

Another precaution that the owner must take when cooking is not to drop a small piece of garlic or onion on the floor, because if the cat eats it, he may have food poisoning, which without the person's knowledge, increases the risk of serious damage and even the loss of the pet.

And sweet, can you?

Also be aware of the children, who are not discerning about the prohibited cat food and, without knowing the evils they will cause, they can innocently bring great consequences to them. Felines cannot eat sweets unless they are specially made for them.

Candies, lollipops, ice cream and everything that has already been said (many of these involve milk and chocolate) cannot be eaten, but the candies and lollipops, for example, have xylitol, a toxic and dangerous substance. In addition, sugary products cause dental and liver problems and if they are consumed in large quantities, they accumulate a lot of fat in the liver, which is not good for the kitten.

Now that you know what the prohibited cat food, how about avoiding them and making your fur super healthy? Always remember to consult your veterinarian before feeding your pussy something new!

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