Food, snacks and vitamins for the hamster

An always clean food bowl and a freshly filled drinking bottle should of course be appropriate to the species of the hamster. But what actually belongs to the little rodent's menu? Food, snacks and vitamins for the hamster - Image: Shutterstock / MilousSK

1. Hamster feed with cereals, seeds and more

Dry food is the basic food of hamsters. For example, a hamster food should contain cereals, seeds, dried vegetables and herbs. A small proportion of nuts and animal protein also tastes good and does them good. The best thing to do is to choose a variety that is specially designed for your type of hamster so that it gets everything it needs.

2. Rodent snacks for in between

If you want to give your hamster something to nibble in between, this is not a problem - however, the respective snacks should be specially made for hamsters and only fed in small quantities. Nibble sticks, drops, hamster biscuits, kernels or nuts taste good for rodents and can be given as a reward in between.

3. Vitamins as an addition to drinking water or feed

Vitamins are also contained in the hamster food and the greens - but if your veterinarian recommends feeding, you can add the respective product to the feed or to the rodent's drinking water. Many hamsters also like special multivitamin juice for rodents if a few drops are added to the water every now and then.

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