The frightened cat spent three days in a tree. Nobody wanted to help him

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This cat has waited a long time to be rescued. Where should we call in similar situations?

  • Interesting facts about cats

Help! Cat in the tree! The action of rescuing a cat that sat for three days on a pine tree at Kalinowa in Bydgoszcz, Miedzyń, touched the Internet users. The deadlock in the services means that not only people but also animals suffer.

Who should pull the cat?

A resident of Bydgoszcz, wanting to save a cat that got entangled in pine branches, first called the city guard for help. It turned out that its employees did not have the equipment that would allow them to climb a tree and fetch a cat. Moreover, the municipal police - as he claims - do not have any powers to order any intervention by firefighters.

The fire brigade, notified next, ordered to wait for the situation to develop, claiming in turn that it could not act if - note - "there is no order from the municipal police".

Animalsi? They send you to the shelter. The shelter only works from Monday, meanwhile it is Sunday. We remind you that the cat in the tree, at the height of the second floor, is already sitting for the third day. Maybe a crisis center? No, they don't care for animals at all.

The cat climbed the pine tree to the height of the second floor. We don't have a ladder long enough to pull it down. The bowl does not work, it has been sitting there for the third day. He is weakened, he does not even meow anymore - a desperate woman wrote on Facebook.

The municipal police in Bydgoszcz claims that they are not able to help in such a situation, because they do not even have the necessary equipment. They also do not decide whether the fire brigade will start the action, but the fire brigade officer who sends the unit together with the equipment.

As instructed by the fire department, they waited. Eventually, after many phone calls, the firefighters took on the task. However, the duty officer stated after the action that their arrival was "unnecessary".

The cat was fine, he was sitting on a branch. While we were trying to take it down from the tree, it escaped to other branches and eventually came down alone from the tree and ran into the forest. Such situations only confirm that for a cat, trees are a natural environment.

The witnesses saw this situation differently:

It is not true that he came down by himself. It flew out of the hands of the fireman and fell to the ground from the height of the top of a pine tree. Then he ran away. He was probably very scared. I will look for him, because now he is hiding somewhere and I will take him to the clinic just in case, to check for internal injuries.

Did the cat in the tree have to wait so long for help?

Nobody doubts that the firefighters involved in the action were very helpful and kind and that they did everything to save the cat. But does a cat that sits in a tree for three days really do it of its own accord? After all, we know that many cats have a problem descending from a tree. The reason is the construction of their claws, which help to climb but hinder the descent. Cat's claws are folded towards the center of the paw. They are perfect as hooks for climbing. The weight of the cat's body further hooks its claws in the bark of the tree.

In order for them to work the same on the way back, the cat should go upside down, and most of the purrs prefer to move forward rather than backing up. There is also fear involved. It is easier for them to climb even higher than descend to the ground. If, in addition, the cat gets tangled in something, it may not be able to cope on its own. The question is: did you really have to wait that long for help?


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