Buy Wolfsspitz: character of the fluffy dog ​​breed

Not only pretty, but also extremely vigilant: the wolf tip. A popular fluffy four-legged friend, who with his good-natured character is the ideal family companion. The largest among the small tips: the Wolfsspitz with its lush fur - Shutterstock / Sanja Karin Music

If you like real fellows, you should definitely consider the cute wolf tip with its remarkable coat and bushy tail. Even if the name suggests: its character is in no way similar to that of the "big bad wolf" from the fairy tale, but rather that of the loving "sheep" in wolf fur. The Wolfsspitz gets its name only from its wolf-like gray color. He is a loving, loyal family dog ​​who also has an eye on the safety of his favorite people. Eventually, this breed was originally used as a watchdog.

Lovable wolf tip: appearance and character

The impressive appearance of the wolf tip with its fluffy "lion mane" around the neck and its pronounced courage favor its use as a watchdog. Remember to brush his fur every now and then. Otherwise, its soft fur and magnificent mane could become matted. The Wolfsspitz may even sometimes be underestimated due to its size. With a height at the withers of 49 cm it is the largest among the otherwise quite small tips.

Because of his strong protective instinct, he is rather suspicious of strangers. However, he is by no means aggressive. Even if the leaders often have a reputation for being noisy dogs, this is mostly due to a lack of upbringing. The Wolfsspitz is easy to train and very docile. Here it is only a matter of pressing the right "buttons" and with a little persistence, the four-legged friend can be wonderfully trained. The attentive and lively fur nose is also very loving and needs many, indeed many, cuddle units.

In which household does the Wolfsspitz belong?

The active Wolfsspitz fits best in a fun-loving family. Happy people who do a lot make him happy. He doesn't need so much exercise - simple walks can satisfy his urge to move. That is why it is also an ideal companion for older people. The cute four-legged friend can also feel comfortable in an apartment, but a house with a garden is better. In general, the Wolfsspitz belongs to people who do not leave it alone too often, and above all not for too long. He just wants to be always there, which makes his practical size good.

Why do small dogs often grow older than large dogs?

If you compare mayfly and elephant with each other, it is reasonable to assume that large animals ...

Fully employed people who, on top of that, like to do something more often without four-legged friends, will probably not do the dog justice. He likes to go out even in wind and weather. His future mistress and / or master must adapt to this. He absolutely needs a break after long excursions, but this does not mean that he is unsportsmanlike. On the contrary: thanks to its intelligence, it is very well suited for dog sports and agility!

The Wolfsspitz doesn't get upset so quickly. He even likes children in his family - Wolfi plays, rages and cuddles with them extensively. Other pets are usually accepted as long as you socialize them gently and be careful the first time you contact them. Fortunately, you don't have to give up the handsome guy any hunting instincts, because he usually has almost none of them. In the Wolfsspitz you will find a devoted and loyal companion. You can also see how cute the funny four-legged friends can be in this video:

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