Sporty four-legged friends: the fastest dogs in the world

The cats should be particularly careful of these dogs: we will ceremoniously present the top 5 fastest dogs in the world. Greyhound: is the fastest dog in the world at almost 80 km / h. - Image: Shutterstock / EcoPrint

Border Collie: The four-legged friend used as a shepherd dog can drive 49 km / h - Image: Shutterstock / K DeLong Photography Whippet: The slender greyhound sprints at a maximum of 58 km / h. - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak Vizsla: The four-legged friend goes hunting at 60 km / h. - Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPics Saluki: A fleet of 70 kilometers per hour is possible for the lanky greyhound. - Picture: Sally Wallis Greyhound: is the fastest dog in the world at almost 80 km / h. - Image: Shutterstock / EcoPrint

The top 5 fastest dogs in the world are led by the Greyhound. The sprint miracle manages to hunt over hill and dale at almost 80 km / h. Especially for sports enthusiasts who often take a lap in the park, the animals are particularly suitable as loyal companions. In your own four walls, however, the sighthound is a rather calm nature that needs a lot of care and loves silence. Second place goes to the Saluki. The lanky four-legged friend with the funny ears plagues the area at around 70 kilometers per hour. The Saluki binds extremely firmly to its owner. However, children are not the hobbyhorse of the lightning-fast animal, which is also known for its idiosyncraticness and fearfulness.

The fastest dogs: shepherds, hunting and rescue dogs

The third place goes to the Vizsla, which reaches 60 km / h at the top. The elegant, muscular, wirehaired four-legged friend is an excellent hunting dog, but also does an excellent job as a rescue dog. The Whippet ranks fourth. The slender greyhound of British descent makes it to 58 km / h. He is considered to be particularly easy to care for without any aggressive tendencies and gets along well with single people and families with children. The Border Collie takes the last place in the top 5 fastest dogs in the world with a maximum of 49 km / h. The fluffy herding dog from Scotland is mostly used as a watchdog for sheep. Through the children's film "A little pig named Babe" from 1995, the collie gained enormous popularity and has since become increasingly popular as a family dog.

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