Google Photos Now Has Facial Image Recognition For Your Pets

October 18, 2017 Photos by: Vvvita/Shutterstock

Pets are the subject of our photos, and Google Photos is taking note, using artificial-intelligence algorithms to help you identify your dogs and cats more quickly and easily.

You’ve probably noticed it on Facebook or other apps–artificial-intelligence based algorithms that allow for that crazy facial recognition. Seriously, how do they know it’s me, even in my baby pictures?

Well, now Google Photos is doing the same for our pets, and its accuracy is blowing my mind!

Google Photos already has the ability to look for any ‘cats’ or ‘dogs’ in their photo app with keywords, but if you tagged humans in pictures, you could look for specific people with their facial recognition and names. Now, you can do the same with your cat and dog pictures–looking for pictures that only have them or ones with others as well, using facial recognition.

So if you are looking through your oodles of pics but you just want a pic of Fido, it’ll be an easy-peasy search through Google’s image recognition feature.

Google does know that if you have pets who are similar breeds, it may not be able to pick out exactly which Labrador is which in your family photo album. That said, it’ll get you close and save you time when you are looking for that one picture in the haystack.

Additionally, Google Photos now allows you to use some fun breed-specific emojis in searches and you can even create movies starring your pet. Google has been creating videos using users’ pet pictures since May, and you can do so yourself, to include pet-inspired songs to use with movie editor.

Lori Ennis

Lori Ennis is a wife, mama and friend to all animals. A self-confessed “Hot Mess,” she lives wherever the Marine Corps takes her husband. Currently, that’s Maryland with her very spoiled Labrador Retriever-mix rescue pups and a ton of saltwater fish just tanking around. Lori’s family has fostered dogs for years, mostly Golden Retrievers, and knows no home is complete without an animal buddy (or seven)!

Watch the video: Facial Recognition with John Hershey, Google Machine Learning Researcher

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