Meu Gato Vomita - What do I do?

Cats can have several symptoms and it is not always simple to understand and relate to which problem this symptom is related. One of these more complex cases is when the cat vomits, as it may be due to different problems and it is necessary to know how to identify it in order to treat it properly.

Cats are subject to suffering from various diseases, a characteristic feature of which is the problem resulting from the habit of swallowing hairballs, something not common in dogs. When the cat vomits, it can be a sign that he is ingesting hairballs, which is easily treated, however it can be something more serious.

Common causes that make the cat vomit

It is not easy to distinguish, but here you learn a little more about the causes to know how to help your cat in the best way. If the cat is vomiting once a week, it can already be serious, but if your cat starts vomiting several times in the same day, take him urgently to the vet, do not try homemade solutions, as this stage is already considered acute.

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But let's go to the causes that you can identify yourself: the cat vomits after meals. In this case, it is probably just regurgitation. The food did not even reach the stomach, it was regurgitated and it is an extremely common behavior for the cat to ingest the digested food again. It looks disgusting to us, but it's natural to them. Regurgitation can also be linked to a disease called megaesophagus, a malformation of the esophageal canal, which is diagnosed by the veterinarian by means of a simple or contrasted radiography.

Other times, if the cat vomits only after meals, it may be a case of allergy to new feed, which means that the cat has not adapted well to this transition. It is easily differentiated from regurgitation, as regurgitation is not usually an everyday thing. A food allergy will always make the cat vomit after eating.

To avoid allergies to feed and subsequent eating disorders, talk to your veterinarian to recommend a good hypoallergenic feed, which already exists on the market today. This type of feed decreases food intolerance. Or simply change the feed again for a common one.

When the cat vomits at random times throughout the day, the problem may not be related to food. In these cases, the most common problem is due to the ingestion of hairballs. This is an evil that cats of breeds that have medium or long hair suffer quite often.

To prevent the cat from having the gastric mucosa irritated by the presence of hair, brush the cat's coat regularly, from the root to the tip of the hair, in order to remove the dead coat and prevent it from falling out as much as the cat end up swallowing it when cleaning.

There are even simpler situations to diagnose, such as, for example, vomiting starting after taking a medication. THE kitten vomits, you know the cause, but you don't know how to treat it. Can you change the medication? Should I stop giving the medicine? These are questions that only the veterinarian can answer, based on the diagnosis of the pussy.

Another common situation for pussies is to swallow something that catches their attention and fits in their mouths. Examples of this are threads and strings, especially if it is a cat toy and you leave it where it can get the object. That is why it is important to keep the toy stored when it is not close to the pussy and to always avoid threads and strings, because, due to the rough tongue, the animal swallows the object without intention.

The cat vomits at intervals of time, but will not be able to expel the object, it will be necessary surgical intervention to remove the object. It is essential that you take the cat to the vet if the vomiting episode lasts and repeat precisely for this reason, it can be something serious that will not be treated alone and the cat can suffer a lot from it.

A very common cause of vomiting in cats is kidney failure, more frequent in older cats and some breeds, such as Persians, in this case the vomit comes out reddish or most of the time browned like coffee grounds, in this case take the animal immediately to the veterinarian as this condition can lead to death .

What can I do?

In the case of hypotheses that have been listed as serious, what you can and should do is take the cat to a veterinarian. But you can go ahead and help identify the cause, because in simple cases, a change in the cat's diet is enough.

When the cat vomit, it is necessary that you examine the vomit. Unpleasant, but necessary. If the vomit is caused by the ingestion of an object, which the cat is able to expel, the object will appear there. Analyzing, if you find something strange, you will know that the cause has already ceased and the cat will probably not vomit anymore.

As much as it is normal for the cat to ingest again what it regurgitated, clean it quickly, so that it does not try to swallow again. For if it is not a simple regurgitation, the cat will ingest the object that causes vomiting again. Observe the cat's behavior after it vomits. Being a little tired and quiet is normal, as he is feeling sick. But if this malaise persists for more than a day, take it to the vet.

After the cat vomits, take the food and water out of his reach and wait an hour. If during this period he does not vomit, start offering the water in a small dose, wait again. If he doesn't vomit, you can make the water available. Do the same with the food, after the water, little by little. If it is a case of vomiting because of food, this will help the stomach, which will be sensitive, to recover.

Remember if! Never hesitate to take your cat to a veterinarian, your pet's health is worth a lot to be risked with homemade healing attempts when the condition is clearly persistent.

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