Sentry Calming Collar Review: Does It Stop Cat Spraying and Scratching?

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I have rescued and fostered many pets over the years. Keeping my pets healthy and happy is my number one priority.

After the death of my beloved flame point Siamese to cancer, my family decided to adopt a four-year-old flame point Siamese from our local shelter.

The new cat has all the personality traits we love in a Siamese. He's demanding and playful and smart. But he also has some stress issues, mainly caused by adjusting to the other cats in our household and adjusting to recently being neutered.

While behavior such as stress spraying may be common, especially when adding adult cats to a multi-cat household, it can be annoying for the owner. It is also important to remember that your cat is likely to be feeling stressed as well.

In order to help reduce our new adult cat's anxiety, I decided to try the Sentry Calming Collar for Cats and see if it would help him to feel less stressed and ease his transition into our home.

Why My Cat Was Stressed

I adopted our Siamese flame point from a shelter. He was four years old, and his history was unknown. He had been neutered a month earlier, and he was up-to-date on all shots. He tested negative for FIV and FLVS.

Siamese are extremely intelligent cats, and because of this they also tend to be more neurotic and sensitive. Once the new cat was brought home, there was the usual distress that happens when adult cats try to work out their relationship.

I have added adult cats to the household before, but this time the new cat was having trouble adjusting with another male cat in the house. When he got distressed, the new cat would spray on the wall or table leg.

Your Cat Will Need to Adjust After Being Neutered

Spraying is odd behavior for neutered, male cats, and if you have a cat that is spraying, neutering will almost always fix that problem. However, it can take up to six months for the hormones to wane from a newly neutered cat, so he may continue to spray for several months after the procedure.

Since he was spayed well into his adulthood (and it is likely he was originally given up because of the spraying—many don't know how simple this problem is to fix with neutering and behavioral modification), I needed something to help him transition and stop being stressed.

After researching, I tried the Sentry Calming Collar. I am converted. This simple device really works!

How the Collar Works

The collar comes in packs of either one or three. The three-packs are a better deal. The collar lasts for approximately one month.

It releases pheromones that mimic the same smells given off by a mother cat around her kittens. These pheromones are stress relievers for cats, and many cats will immediately feel calmer and safer—just the way a kitten feels around its mother. The technology is much like the way a flea collar works and releases the smell as your cat moves, distributing it on its body and in the environment.

While the pheromones cannot be smelled by humans, the collar does have a lavender scent added to it. My husband noted that our cat now kind of smelled like a Glade Plug In, which was a little bit true. For me, the trade-off in behavior is worth the scent.

After I put the collar on my cat and cut off the excess ends of the collar, my cat hissed at me, ran off, and sprayed the wall.

"Great, a failure already," I thought.

But, that evening, I began to notice changes.

How My Cat Has Changed

I noticed that he wasn't as jumpy as he had been before and that he wasn't hissing at the other cats when they walked by. He calmly laid on the floor and groomed himself and came up more often for petting and attention. He is still playful and loves to bat balls and toy mice around the house, but he's less concerned and worried about the other cats.

Best off all, the spraying seems to have stopped. He was never completely missing the litterbox, only spraying a small amount on a vertical surface when he felt stressed. That seems to have stopped.

My plan is to use the collar for three or four months (putting on a new one each month) and then taking it off. At this point, we can see if the stress of the new home has passed and if everyone has settled into their places and routines.

Any time you introduce an adult cat into a house with other adult cats, there will be stress. Sometimes, though, the cat may need an extra boost.

I may also try a collar on my other tomcat who is a bit of bully but also timid around people.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

As with any pet issue or problem, it is best to consult your vet for a full physical exam to ensure your cat is not suffering from other health issues that may be causing the spraying or the scratching.

Some vets do recommend the collar but note it may take up to a month for a cat owner to see full results. As always, it depends on the cat, how the cat reacts to the collar, and the severity of the problem to start with.

Nothing is guaranteed (is it ever?), but the level of success I've personally seen and read about makes it seem like a cheap and harmless option for the frustrated cat owner to try.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of the collar.



Your cat may not enjoy wearing a collar

Easy to put on/take off

May take days or weeks to work

May work instantly

May not work at all on your cat

Lavender scent

Lavender scent

Works like a flea collar and stays with the pet

Powder may initially show up on a darker cat's fur when first putting it on

There's very little to lose with trying this product. I was skeptical, but—like most owners with a chronic issue they are trying to solve—I was ready to try anything.

If your male cat is spraying or your male or female cat is scratching excessively or if they feel stressed for any reason, consider trying the calming collar.

Questions & Answers

Question: Does the Sentry calming collar make cats sleepy?

Answer: My cat didn't get particularly sleepy. However, that definitely sounds like a good thing if you were trying to have a calmer cat. Lavender has that effect on some.

Tina Russell on August 31, 2020:

This is a very dangerous collar! It almost broke my cat's jaw! We had it super tight too, we could barely get our finger inside it but he still got it caught in his jaw while cleaning himself. It was a terrifying experience for all involved and had to be cut off. Thank the Lord we were both home because it took both of us to get it safely cut off while my cat was so scared. This needs to be in your con list and people need warned. Since it's not breakaway they could also get it caught on something.

L C David (author) from Florida on March 07, 2017:

If he's not using the tray at all you might try something else. I had good luck with getting a prescription for Prozac for one of my cats with severe behavioral issues. I've known other people that had Prozac work for their cat as well.

LisaPedley on March 06, 2017:

Do you think this would work with not using the litter tray? (he is a 4 year old Ragdoll that has used the tray for 3 years and just last year decided he would go next to the tray) We have tried EVERYTHING else, and have been told it is likely behavioral. At my wits end at the moment, cleaning the laundry 2-3 times a day!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 17, 2014:

Interesting. I didn't know about calming collars. I wonder if it will help my one cat who seems to be on kitty crack half the time? :-)

L C David (author) from Florida on April 17, 2014:

Flourish I'm sorry I didn't discover this product years ago. I had a nervous female who would not stop having accidents in the house and she ended up having to live her entire life in my master bathroom (which is big but I still wish she could have had free roam). I think this is a really great product.

L C David (author) from Florida on April 17, 2014:

It does have a scent but is strongest when you first put it on. Flame points have very sensitive skin so I have watched him closely for irritation and have found none so far. Like I say, it is worth a try for those facing these frustrating issues.

Hilda Spann on April 17, 2014:

I found it too aromatic for me so I figured it couldn't have been great for the cat....I like the thundershirt for my wild thing

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 16, 2014:

Thank yo for this suggestion, as I have a spayed female who is a nervous nelly and nothing else works. Tried Feliway and it helped, ruled out medical issues and cleanliness issues, the girl is just a diva. I slip her some amitriptalyne for cats inherent favorite wet cat food and that helps,but I need not know the is a back up plan. This is good! she is such a good, pretty, loving cat. I forgive her errors.

L C David (author) from Florida on April 16, 2014:

Thanks Author Cheryl. Yes I think that most owners will see at least some improvement and some is better than none. I was skeptical but now I"m pretty sure I will be buying more of these.

Cheryl A Whitsett from Jacksonville, Fl on April 16, 2014:

This reminded me of how awful our fourth cat was. I have four cats. Buffy who is almost 14, Baxter who is 5 and Sia who just turned 2. In July we bought a big house and decide to add another feline. Charlie who was posed as a six month old kitten was a year old when we took him to the vets but his behavior to the other cats was awful. He targeted my little black cat Sia and was relentless always attacking my girls. So I bought the collars and put one on each of them because Baxter is a big old boy and Charlie wasn't going to mess with him. It did help. He never sprayed or tore up anything but the girls life was miserable to say the least. His behavior improved but not completely. We got a dog a month ago and he goes after Charlie when he hears any of the girls hissing. Voted up they really do help the cats. Thanks for reading my long post also lol

Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Cat Calming Collar

$14.08 FREE 1-3 day Shipping over $49

Simply select Autoship at checkout for easy regular deliveries.

Alert Designates an important message.

Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.

Calming Collars use patented Good Behavior pheromone technology. Using a pheromone that mimics the one mother cats produce to calm their kittens, the collars are clinically proven to reduce or eliminate stress-related behavior such as inappropriate marking, destructive behavior, clawing and anti-social behavior. Collars help alleviate problem behaviors triggered by travel, thunderstorms, fireworks and new social situations.

This collar continues to release calming pheromones to your cat for 30 days. It can be used for cats of all ages and breeds without long-term side effects. Fits neck up to 15 inches.

Key Benefits

  • Uses pheromone technology that's proven to modify behaviors caused by stress and fear, such as inappropriate marking, scratching, excessive meowing, clawing, and destruction
  • Releases a pheromone that mimics the one mother cats produce to calm and soothe kittens, making cats feel safe and secure
  • Helps alleviate problem behaviors caused by stressful situations such as travel, thunderstorms, new pets in the home, new visitors, car rides, and vet visits
  • Releases pheromones for 30 days with a pleasant, soothing lavender chamomile fragrance
  • Adjusts to fit necks up to 15 inches. Can be used for cats of all ages and breeds with no long-term side effects

Remove the collar before shampooing your cat and replace it after the cat’s coat is dry. Do not use collar on cats with skin lesions. SENTRY Calming Collar for cats is not a pharmaceutical product. FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY.

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We bought these collars thinking they’d be a better option than normal collars. They had them on for 10 days and both of my cats now have burned off hair and gaping wounds on their necks with the worst being under the chin. I’m hoping they heal up and grow their hair back. I only put 1 star because I had to. I wish I could add photos but those will be sent to the company.

Never in a million years did I ever think this would happen to us. My poor puggle is having such a horrible reaction to this product. Very itchy, running around like she’s drugged, chewing her paws, watery eyes. You people should be ashamed to sell this crap to people!!

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Almost immediately after putting this on my 6yr old very healthy 29lb dog she started to get very sick. Very lethargic, vomiting. Within days she turned into a complete zombie. We have taken her to the emergency animal hospital and countless vet visits. She is a complete zombie. We may now have to put her down. She’s completely forgotten everything. She has mini stroke like seizure like symptoms. She paces and stares at the walls for hours. She’s lost all control of her Bowels. It’s the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Do not get this for your dog.

This brand should be removed from production! Do not buy it! And if you do don’t put it on your pet! If you have, cut it off right away! I bought this from a well known chain pet*****, and it’s not their fault. They sell pet products. I blame Sentry company itself! How dare they produce a product like this! They say all natural! Ha! Yeah right! That’s a load of bull! I put this on my to healthy cats and immediately they started acting strange. I thought “Of course they are acting strange, cats don’t like restrictions “. So I gave it no thought.

The next next morning they were still acting strange. Tonight (24 hours later) I saw they were becoming reclusive and would almost not come to get treats! I then did some research and found many people with bad results. I saw where one person's pet died! So I cut mine off immediately. It is now 30 minutes later and my cats are already acting better. If I save one pet's life by getting to not buy this product I will be very happy. Someone should sue Sentry for production of such a product! PLEASE REMOVE THE PRODUCT NOW IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PUT ON YOUR PET.

My dog had an adverse reaction to this product. She became extremely itchy and agitated. She was unable to sleep and kept jerking awake. Despite two baths the symptoms lasted about 12 hours. She is okay now but it was very scary at the time. The nice thing was that they have a free medical line you can call and speak to a vet or vet tech. Unfortunately I didn't know about it until her episode had ended. When I called the customer service and medical staff were very kind and were able to explain the reaction.

Within a couple of hours of putting this on my 20 lb Dachshund he exhibited signs of having a mini stroke (TIA). He was agitated and pacing, head was lilting to one side, and he was stumbling all over the place. I immediately had to start poison control. 5 mg of **, 20 mg of **, and several baths with blue Dawn dish liquid. I took him to the vet after he was still experiencing the head lilting after 12 hours of treatment and he stated that this is way too high of a dose of the active ingredients, ** and Pyriproxyfen. Treatment was for dogs between 15 and 33 lbs. All this and this was not much cheaper than the Nextguard chewables that I normally get. Will never use this product or recommend it. Pay the little bit extra for the security in knowing that your beloved pet won't die.

Have used this product in the past with no issues. After not using in the winter, I applied to my dog for the upcoming spring. We had a normal, fun and active day. Within a half hour of putting this poison on my dog, she started limping, falling over and yelping in pain. Went to ER and they could only recommend washing it off with dawn soap. Spent another 6 hours at the vet and although vitals and bloodwork is normal, she is still having a severe nervous system reaction to this product. She yelps in pain all night with little use of her hind legs. Going on day two and she’s still not better. Started anti inflammatories to help with the pain. Mortified, heart broken and praying she will recover from this. Will only use all natural after reading all these reviews.

After using this product on three cats and one dog, all seem to have more fleas than when treated. And when I checked to see who the five star reviews are, three out of five had terrible experiences and one of them just said, “we were one of the lucky ones”. Terrible products.

I put this product on a healthy cat that had a few fleas, within a couple of days my cat was infested with fleas. I went from seeing only 1 or 2 on her (is why I used this product) to being covered with them (even had tiny ones trying to get in her eyes when bathing this product off). I was worried when she started to get weak and was going to take her to the vet today but I was too late, my fault for not staying with my normal brand, and she passed last night. Please save yourself from the heartache and stay away from this product. I will never again wander from my normal product again (Frontline). I hope my review is falls in the guidelines so as to be published because I do not want anyone to go through this.

I just noticed my cat's oozing, bleeding wounds around his neck from their collar. And when I say around I mean AROUND. It's not a sore or two. It's one continuous wound. The collar was literally covered in blood and flesh on the other side, almost like it grew into him, except it didn't because it wasn't tight enough. I followed the directions correctly, I bought the right weight. I have a vet appointment in an hour. I'm guessing it's going to cost me $500 or more to have him treated. He's a big guy too. close to 30lbs, it's not like he is some dainty, fragile cat. These collars should not exist.

Pet Calming Sprays: Do They Work?

Pets, like humans, can get stressed out. Things like new homes, visitors, thunderstorms, or separation anxiety can be major stressors for cats and dogs alike. Stressors like this can trigger destructive or bothersome behaviors like urinating in the house, excessive vocalizing, trembling, panting, or chewing.

There are a number of ways to address anxiety in pets, and most vets will recommend a daily oral prescription medication to manage anxiety. However, these can be costly and inconvenient and may cause undesirable side effects. Pet owners may not prefer to use oral prescription medication, and turn to alternatives like pheromone calming sprays.

There are hundreds on the market, but you may be curious about their effectiveness and how they work. Here are some quick answers about pet calming sprays.

Q: What are pheromones?

A: Pheromones are a type of chemical communication between members of a species. The vomeronasal organ, which is located between the nose and mouth, receives pheromones. Certain pheromones, called calming or appeasing pheromones, can sometimes help relieve stressed pets. Pet pheromoneproducts are said to mimic natural cat or dog pheromones and come in various forms, including sprays, plug-in diffusers, wipes, and collars.

Q: What type of behaviors can pet calming sprays address?

A: Pet calming sprays were first released for cats to help curb marking or spraying and aggression problems. Users quickly discovered that the sprays also helped decrease behavioral issues like scratching and zoomies.

Dog calming sprays are suitable for general stress, separation anxiety, and noise phobias like thunderstorms or fireworks. However, dog calming sprays are often not effective for aggression problems. It should also be noted that behavioral problems can have medical causes, so pets should be thoroughly examined by a vet even if calming sprays seem to alleviate these behaviors.

Q: Do pet calming sprays work?

A: The most common pet calming spray is Feliway, specifically designed for cats. Comfort Zone D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) is also widely-used. Both products were found to help soothe stressed pets in some circumstances in studies funded by the product designers.

Cats deposit F3 feline pheromones when they rub their cheeks against surfaces. This reminds them later that the marked area is safe. Feliway and other feline calming sprays mimic the F3 pheromone very closely and may help reduce anxious behaviors like spraying and scratching.

Comfort Zone mimics the pheromone that nursing dogs release to comfort their puppies. This may help with general anxiety, as well as stress caused by vet visits, travel, fireworks and other loud noises or separation anxiety.

While pet calming sprays do seem to help reduce some select signs of stress and are safe, it’s important to note that they do not address the underlying causes of behavioral issues. Always consult your vet when introducing any product such as a calming spray into your pet’s environment.

Best Spray: Pet MasterMind Cool Kitty Cat Calming Pheromone Spray

If you want to safeguard specific problem areas within your home where you’ve noticed your cat marking territory or want a travel-friendly calming aid you can bring in the car, a spray might be your best bet. Pet MasterMind Cool Kitty Cat Calming Pheromone Spray uses an all-natural formula, with a blend of herbs and simulated pheromones designed to reduce anxiety and put a damper on your cat’s behavioral issues. The product is guaranteed by the manufacturer, and won’t harm your home’s surfaces upon contact.

Owners write that their anxious cats have become considerably calmer after they’ve used Cool Kitty spray, even seeing a decline in unwanted behaviors like peeing or biting other cats. Several people note that the effect can be almost instantaneous—simply give the area a spritz when you see your cat begin to mark or scratch, and they’ll likely stop the moment they detect the pheromone.

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