Cat Didga conquers Australia on his skateboard

The cute KAtze Didga finds stray dogs on four legs far too boring - she prefers to skateboard ...

House tiger Didga lives in Coolangatta on the Australian Gold Coast. The cat has a very special hobby: skateboarding. On Ollie - that's what his board is called - the tour of the resort and along the beach promenade is twice as much fun. The passer-by on the street is quickly used as a springboard!

Didga knows no fear. With Ollie, she goes on the craziest tours: Even the tabby cat sees dogs as an obstacle in her skateboard course. The board runs between the legs of the four-legged friend, while Didga jumps over it - and of course lands on the skateboard with ease. Only an Australian house tiger can be so casual. The koala has had its day: Didga, the skateboarding cat, should become Australia's new mascot!

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