Chinese Crested Dog

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Chinese Crested Dog Card

THE Chinese Crested Dog, also known as Chinese Crested Dog, is known for his lack of hair on almost the entire body.


The origin of this breed is quite uncertain. It is speculated that the Crested Dog Chinese originates in the Philippines, from where it arrived, via Indochina, to the court of the Manchu emperors of China. Others believe that this dog arrived in Mexico from China on board boats that transported spices and unloaded at the ports of Acapulco and Mazatlán.


This breed is cheerful, full of energy and very active. He has an affable, tender, playful character, but afraid of strangers. They love being with their family and tolerate children, always, as long as they respect and be educated with them. Despite being kind and open, they can sometimes be a little independent.


Soft-skinned, this is a small dog, with a triangular head and almond-shaped eyes. It has large, raised ears. Within this breed, two varieties are accepted: hairless and long-haired (Powderpuff). The first one is not that it does not have hair, but it only has a few long strands of fine hair on the crest, on the underside of the legs and on the tail. This hair is silky and smooth. The Powderpuff variety has the entire body covered with a long, fine hair and all colors are accepted.

Specific care

It is advisable to watch that, in the summer, they do not get much sun, since a prolonged exposure can burn your skin. It is advisable to be protected with sunscreen. It is also recommended that this dog takes a bath once a week and after that, apply moisturizer for children to prevent the skin from suffering aggressions.


Despite its fragile appearance, this breed is strong and resistant, although it has a tendency to suffer dermatological and dentition problems (lack of molars and premolars). Moreover, this breed is exposed to the same common diseases as other Toy breeds (dislocation of the patella, glaucoma, retinal detachment, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy).

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