How to Make Homemade Crested Gecko Food

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Whitney has raised and bred different species of geckos, snakes, lizards, tortoises, and other exotics since 2003.

Crested geckos are probably one of the easiest geckos to care for since they require temperatures that can generally be achieved at and around room temperature, although 75 to 80 °F is optimal.

Crested Gecko Food

They eat a simple diet that just mixes with water. They also like crickets on occasion, but the crested gecko meal replacement is the essential diet for crested geckos. If you really want to provide a treat, you don't want to feed baby food because although it is formulated for healthy babies, it doesn't provide the same nutrients to geckos.

Crested Gecko Diet Meal Replacements

The homemade treats below are not a good staple diet and should only be used as an occasional treat for your gecko(s). You need to provide Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) meal replacement on a regular basis in order to ensure that your gecko(s) is receiving the proper nutrients that he deserves. A healthy treat that you can make at home is an all-natural smoothie. Below you can check out a recipe that I got from Woodlandedge Herps and the re-formulated diets that I made for my own crested geckos.

Homemade Gecko Smoothie Treat Recipe


  • 1 large can approx. (800 g/ 28 oz) of unsweetened mango pulp
  • 1 small to medium ripe banana
  • 1 to 2 soft pears
  • 3 to 4 figs
  • One or two other fruits in season
  • One can of low fat, unsweetened yogurt (strawberry, mixed berries, or peach)


  1. Put all of your fruits in the blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour the pureed fruits in a mixing bowl.
  3. Add the one serving size container of yogurt and mix thorough.
  4. Scoop into ice trays and freeze.

When feeding, you will thaw out the ice cubes and put them in the bowls. You may consider adding bee pollen, another blended mix of fruits, a different yogurt flavor, finely chopped figs to the top of the mix to give it a little more flavor before feeding. Remove whatever is not eaten the next day, as the fruits will spoil rather quickly.

Note: The bacteria in the yogurt is safe for the geckos as it will help with digestion. It is thought that yogurt produces an enzyme during fermentation.

Fruit and Yogurt Gecko Treats

I still followed the basic directions, except I went ahead and blended in yogurt with the fruits in the blender to save from dirtying the extra dish. I actually made three different types of smoothie mixtures.

Blend 1

  • 1/2 container of no sugar, low-fat raspberry yogurt.
  • 1 banana
  • 8 strawberries
  • 1 mango
  • 1/4 cup of apple juice

(Makes two full trays.)

Blend 2

  • 1/2 container of no sugar, low-fat raspberry yogurt
  • 2 white peaches
  • 2 pears
  • 45 grapes (without the skin)
  • 1 small jar of peach baby food

(Makes four full trays.)

Blend 3

  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Apple juice
  • Peach baby food

(Makes 1 and 1/2 trays; I lost the exact measurements.)

From the three different types, I found that my geckos enjoy the first one the best. I haven't tried the third blend of fruits, but I expect that they will enjoy it as it is primarily berries.

Fruits to Feed a Gecko

You cannot use any and every fruit to blend up for your crested geckos (i.e. avoid citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, and tangerines). Fruits that you want to consider include:

  • Banana
  • Blackberry
  • Figs
  • Grapes
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

Just remember that these homemade crested gecko smoothies are not meant to be a staple diet. You can use them as occasional treats, but do not offer them daily, as your gecko will not receive the proper nutrients that he needs. I like to give my older juvenile and adult crested geckos the mix once a week and no more; I do not offer the mix to hatchlings as I want to ensure that they are eating CGD.

Jade11 on January 04, 2016:

I am new with crested geckos and I am wondering- what vitamins and nutrients does my gecko needs to stay really healthy?

jeremy on January 19, 2012:

My son fed my crested gecko an orange slice... Would it hurt him..?

Gecko1 on September 24, 2011:

Thanks Whitney05. He just started shedding! Awesome!

Whitney (author) from Georgia on September 23, 2011:

Do not offer apple juice, orange juice, or lettuce. They need a staple diet of crested gecko diet, which is a meal replacement. Crested geckos will not eat lettuce, and juices have too much sugars.

I doubt there is wax in the ear, it could be skin from an old shed.

They are nocturnal, so it's not uncommon to see them in the same spot throughout the day.

Gecko1 on September 21, 2011:

my gecko never moves! he just sits on his plant all day starring out the window. what is happining

Gecko1 on September 18, 2011:

Hi! my Gecko has some wax in his ears. Should I be worried??

Gecko1 on September 18, 2011:

Would apples, orange juice, and lettece work? also, i want to if it is a boy or girl! Can anyone tell me?

sergey on June 16, 2011:

Do you need to UN-freeze it before feeding it to the gecko?

reverendtenhigh on April 24, 2011:

Sounds tasty. wondering about freezing the yogurt tho. you mention that the bacteria in the yogurt would be beneficial for their digestive systems, but I'm pretty sure that freezing would kill the bacteria. I'd just dollop a little in as you serve.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 27, 2011:

It is possible. Also depending on the genders, they may fight.

Ashley on February 26, 2011:

I have two cresties, one is fairly fatter than the other!

Does this mean they could fight? So far they have been good, but I do worry sometimes! Im working on gettin another cage asap just incase something should occur!

Whitney (author) from Georgia on December 15, 2010:

It is not a good staple, and as mentioned on this page, these recipes are not meant to be staple foods. Baby food as a staple can cause MBD and vitamin deficienies. As a treat it is fine, but I wouldn't offer it more than once a week. CGD should be offered daily.

Anonymous on December 14, 2010:

So wait if your not supposed to feed them baby food, why did 2 of your recipes call for it? I am just curious.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on October 31, 2010:

Babies may get small crickets once a week. I don't always have crickets on hand, so they don't get them often. In a lot of cases, when I do have crickets, I'll just feed my adults crickets once every other week.

nick on October 30, 2010:

do you feed crickets to your cresties? if so how often do you?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on June 29, 2009:

I use bottle caps for hatchlings and juvies. Otherwise I use 2.5" ceramic kritterz bowls for my groups of females. I just put less in the bottle cap for hatchlings. I prefer soda bottle caps for younger geckos and milk bottle caps, gatoraid bottle caps, etc for juvies and older. Even at that point, hatchlings will typically only eat a quarter of a soda bottle cap, give or take; you'll have to put a little in and increase the amount as you see the gecko eating more.

Those amounts for CGD, I half the actual amount for homemade treats such as the recipe above.

xxcamxx on June 27, 2009:

what container do you use to feed your geckos? I've been told that the container I use is too big since I can't tell how much my gecko has eaten, if at all. A picture would be very helpful thanks :)

Whitney (author) from Georgia on April 17, 2009:

Not necessarily, but you technically you can say so. They really only eat fruits and insects. They don't eat all forms of vegetation. The meal replacement is the best diet, and you don't have to feed crickets or any other insect.

nicko guzman from Los Angeles,CA on April 16, 2009:

Are they herbivores?

Lilymag from Upstate New York on July 19, 2008:

What an informative hub! Your geckos are adorable! I have my hands full right now with the 2 boxer girls and the 2 other girls in a 2 bedroom house...but maybe if we move to a bigger one!

Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 13, 2008:

Eileen thanks for the comment. These guys are very fun pets.

H.C. no not all geckos eat fruit. Many are sole insectivores. Anoles are typically insectivores.

Health Conscious from South Florida - USA on July 13, 2008:

Do most lizards like fruit also.

A knght anole just decided to make my garden window his home and I would llike to leave him a treat every once in a while so he will stay. He makes a great nature pet and natural insect control officer.

I put up a hub of some pictures I took of him.


Eileen Hughes from Northam Western Australia on July 12, 2008:

Brilliant pictures, they sure are cute. I have enough pets so no more today thanks. Very helpful hub for those wanting them. Thanks for sharing these little fellas with us.

Crested Gecko Tips

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Feeding schedule for crested gecko

A perfect diet and feeding schedule will help crested gecko can greatly improve life expectancy and healthier life. You should develop a crested gecko feeding schedule from the time they are young or from the time you bring them home.

The best time to make baby crested gecko familiar with the new diet is under 5 months old. This is a time when crested geckos have yet to shape their diets and schedules. That’s why you should set it up for a healthy and nutritious eating routine.

For crested gecko baby food, give it crested gecko powder every night, and change it to live food on the weekends. Crested gecko powder when mixed with water should not be too thick or too liquid, mix the mixture until it looks like syrup.

You should note that always leave food for crested gecko even during the day. Crested gecko eats at night and sleeps during the day, but baby crested gecko may not eat enough or will feel like eating at any time. So always provide food throughout the day until they mature.

For adult crested geckos, rotate the menu every week. For example, if you feed it with crested gecko powder on the first 5 days of the week and live food for 2 weekends, then change the order next week. Crested gecko powder on 2 weekends and live food on the first 5 days of the week.

However, a small difference from baby crested gecko is that you need to eliminate leftovers every night. Do not leave food for crested gecko to mature during the day, and certainly they do not want to sacrifice their sleep to eat.

You can also make crested gecko homemade food with easy-to-find ingredients like fruits and insects. Crushed small fruits, preferably texture like jam for crested gecko snacks. Or you can mix fruits and worms to add more nutrients to your pet.

Best Crested Gecko Food: What Do Crested Geckos Need To Eat?

You might be surprised, but crested geckos are becoming more and more popular among people looking for pets. They are docile and easy to take care of, do not require much so very satisfied with those who do not have much experience and children.

Although easy to raise, crested gecko diet is not easy to grasp. Their diet is varied and requires the most essential nutrients. If you are going to consider crested gecko to be your pet, do not and this should not be ignored.

Below we will give you the most essential information about crested gecko food.

  • Top best crested gecko food Review 2020
    • #1 Pangea Fruit Mix with Insects Crested Gecko Complete Diet
    • #2 Repashy Crested Gecko MRP Diet
    • #3 Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food
    • #4 BASSETT’S CRICKET RANCH Live Mealworms
    • #5 500 Small Dubia Roaches
  • Crested gecko diet
    • #1 Crested gecko diet in wild:
    • #2 Crested gecko diet in captivity:
    • #3 Mixed diet:
  • Feeding schedule for crested gecko
  • Water for Crested gecko
  • Conclusion

Why Isn’t A Crested Gecko Eating?

There can be a few factors that may contribute to your pet gecko not eating their meals. Some of these factors you can solve while others would require a vet to take a look at the crested gecko. We shall go through the main ones.

A New Environment

Geckos need time to get used to their new surroundings. This can be a new enclosure or even their new roommates. They are not stress-eaters and, therefore, their meals will go to waste since they are not eating.

However, they should start eating properly at about a month of being in their new home. If not there may be a more serious problem and should be taken to the vet for a catch-up.

You can also help them become more comfortable in their new space by adding branches and leaves to make it more like their natural environment. Plus, this can give them places to hide if they want to.

When your crested gecko first moves in it is not a good idea to force-feed them. Instead, leave some food in their bowel so that they can eat when they are ready. Give them time to grow to love their new home.

Roommates And Enclosure Size

Regarding their roommates, you should not keep different sized crested geckos together. You can keep a maximum of three adult geckos (not males) together but make sure that the enclosure is big enough (about 30 gallons or more can work).

For one crested gecko, you would be looking at a 20-gallon enclosure. This can help create a good gradient as well as give them space to hide and play. The reason why you should not keep more than three adults together is due to stress.

It would be best to keep different ages separately.

Stress is one of the causes of losing appetite. That is why you would want to keep different ages separately and this includes hatchings and juveniles. They can bully each other leading to weight loss due to lack of eating.

Wrong Temperature

Crested geckos cannot eat a lot in the winter months and this is normal. Therefore, if the temperature of their enclosure were to drop to below 70 Fahrenheit (about 21. 1 degree Celsius) they will not eat.

The opposite is also true in that if it is too hot then they will get stressed.

The ideal temperature for them should be a gradient of between about 71 to 79 Fahrenheit (about 21.6 to 26.1 degrees Celsius).

This could be achieved by having one side at about 68 to 70 Fahrenheit (20 to 21.1 degrees Celsius). While the opposite end is about 75 Fahrenheit (about 23.9 degrees Celsius). This can also help them to move around.

New to crested gecko? Check out the crested gecko care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about crested gecko as pets. Check it now!

Impacted Crested Geckos

Your gecko may not be eating because they are full and have not yet passed their waste. This could be because they have eaten the loose substrate (the flooring of the enclosure) or you feed them large insects with hard shells.

The substrate should not be loose because the baby/ juvenile can ingest it. The food that you feed your crested gecko should be the size of the space between their eyes, not bigger. You should monitor their droppings and how often the “go”.

You should replace the substrate with paper towels to help monitor the drops and do not feed them any bugs until they are back to normal. Their normal is them relieving themselves about three to four times a week.

While they are impacted (the food is trapped in their intestines, hence they cannot eat) you can feed them food that is more liquid-like as well as high in fiber. Pumpkins and unshaven apples can be a good choice.

To tell if they are impacted their stomachs will be bigger and rounder. Plus, they gained a few grams quickly before they stopped eating, and they are obviously constipated.


The factors above are ones that you can help with. However, if your crested gecko is sick then you would need to take them to the vet. They can suffer from internal parasites, respiratory infections, Metabolic Bone Disease, or any other types of infections.

Some Other Factors

  • They have aged, adults eat a lot less than juvenile
  • They are dehydrated or the humidity is not right. Their enclosure should be at about 70 to 85 percent
  • It is time for them to hibernate
  • It is breeding season
  • They are shedding


As you can see, feeding crested geckos can be as easy or as difficult as you like. If you have very little time available, or don’t fancy dealing with creepy crawlies, then you can simply rely solely on Pangea or Repashy complete crested gecko foods.

On the other hand, if you want to have some fun then you can also supplement your crested geckos diet with a range of fruits and live insects. Indeed, while the complete meal replacement powders certainly make your life a lot easier they’re not absolutely necessary so long as you feed a wide range of the other foods outlined in this guide.

Whatever arrangement you opt for, the keys are simply to feed your gecko a complete and balanced diet, while ensuring that hygiene standards are maintained by regularly cleaning food bowls and not allowing food to foul in the warm environment of your crested gecko cage.

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