The last jaguar in the US is dead

Macho B. He was put down due to kidney failure.

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Macho B. - the only free-living jaguar in the USA, and also the oldest (16-year-old) animal of this species in the world, is dead. He was put down for kidney failure.

He was the only wild cat in the wild in the United States that was successfully located. Scientists were very interested in the specimen, but they lost contact with it for many years and only after more than 13 years found the trail of the jaguar again. When the opportunity arose (February 18, 2009), they caught the cat and put a telemetry collar on it. Unfortunately, it was the beginning of the end. At the end of February it was discovered that Macho B. was very sick. After the game was caught and examined at the Phoenix Zoo, the diagnosis was severe: kidney failure. The last jaguar was put to sleep. The post-mortem examination is to show whether putting on the collar and the related stress could have contributed to the acceleration of the disease development.

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