K9 Sport Sack ROVER Lets You Wear All The Dogs

These days, dogs go everywhere with people. K9 Sport Sack’s motto is to ‘Never Leave Your Dog Behind,’ and they’ve brought a game-changer in the world of ‘dog wearing’ to SuperZoo with their new K9 Sport Sack Rover.

You see people wear their babies all the time, right? And with good reason; it’s good for babies and particularly good for bonding mamas and babies.

K9 Sport Sack knows that it’s just as good for pups and their humans, and so they created the K9 Sport Sack–a forward-facing backpack carrier that lets you take your dog with you just about every where you want. The Sport Sack was created with ergonomic safety in mind and is vet-approved, but mostly, even though it looks like it might be tough to configure, it is actually pretty easy to use.

The carrier means your pup doesn’t have to stay behind when you’re running errands or just busy living life, and the folks at K9 Sport Sack brought their new design, the ROVER (get it? Rover?), to SuperZoo.

The ROVER is unique in that it is made with Outlast Adaptive Comfort Technology (known for it’s ability to keep temperatures neutral at all times, and often used in top-of-the-line beds for superior comfort). It also has pressure-activated cooling pads that will make even the hottest of days super cool for your pup. The cooling pads are created by the Green Pet Shop. The pads are the ‘greenest’ cooling pads on the market, using non-toxic cooling gel that works with your pet’s weight and body heat, and combined with the Outlast Technology, will keep your pup’s temperature nice and comfy when being worn.

K9 Sport Sack knows that wearing your pet may get warm, so in addition to the cooling pads and Outlast Adaptive Comfort Technology, the backpack is made with reflective material that will actually deflect heat away, keeping your pup’s temperature the same whether you are hiking in the heat or snow.

K9 Sport Sack CEO Joseph Watson said that their ROVER is the ultimate dog carrier, integrating concepts from the best and newest hiking backpacks with their already proven successful carrier, and making it a must for people who live active lifestyles and want their dogs to enjoy time with their humans.

And you don’t have to worry about safety–this carrier has a lap belt and sternum strap, and the hiking straps are upgraded material that stay secure. The ROVER has more padding, support and storage than any other forward-facing backpack dog carrier out there, and the sides are fully ventilated for your dog. For you, the shoulder straps have foamtek ergonomically designed so that you are comfy when on the go as well.

The only bad news about the ROVER? It won’t be available for purchase until September, 2017! But trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Watch the video: How to Get Your Dog into the K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack Safely

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