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When winter comes, what are the three words that occur to you? I bet among them there will certainly be “help”, “cold”, “freezing”, “blanket”, right? Because your pet thinks the same. Your kitten, even if it has fur, needs to warm up and that's when winter comes for the mothers of these mustachioed pets: clothes for cats.

On very cold days it is recommended to use cat clothes, even if your cat sleeps indoors, as the low temperature can cause numerous allergies and breathing problems. However, be aware of the type of clothes you are buying, cats do not accept them as well as dogs, they are usually very stressed trying to pull off. Look for clothing that is flexible and does not bother you when walking.

At cat clothes in winter they are mainly recommended for puppies up to 6 months old and for elderly pussies. Puppies have difficulty retaining heat, the coat is not thick, while older ones lose heat easily and may suffer from hypothermia due to loss of muscle mass and fat gain due to age, which further increases the risk of contracting diseases, in addition to the pain of walking due to low temperature, since the body itself heats up with more difficulty.

Fashion for pussies

Now let's talk about a good thing, forget the cold: fashionable cat clothes. Have you ever thought about dressing your kitten in a chic dress? Put a blazer on your kitten? Well know that Miho Aoki, designer of United Bamboo, a New York brand, also thought about it. You are not alone, no. Miho came up with the idea after he noticed that his pet kitten, TG, had a thing for fashion, then he unleashed his creativity and designed an exclusive line for pussies. Also read this article about walks for cats.

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