This is how cataracts are treated in dogs

How cataracts are treated in dogs depends on the cause of the disease. First, the veterinarian will try to find them and then determine a treatment method for your sick four-legged friend. Cataracts in dogs can be treated surgically in some cases - Image: Shutterstock / XiXinXing

Cataracts are associated with symptoms that unfortunately cannot be treated with medication: progressive clouding of the eye lens worsens the dog's eyesight. If the eye disease is not caused by another disease, surgery may improve the eyesight of the four-legged friend.

Surgical treatment for cataracts

Before the specialist performs an operation on the dog's eye, several preliminary examinations should provide information as to whether the procedure is promising or not and whether the general condition of the dog is good enough for anesthesia. If the doctor opts for treatment, the cloudy eye lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

After the operation, the patient needs loving and professional care from his owner and medication for a few weeks. Depending on how advanced the disease has already been, this can improve eyesight or, in the best case, restore it completely.

Treat cataracts as a complication

If the dog's lens clouding is due to another underlying disease, it must first be found and treated. Medicines are often used for this, for example in diabetes, so that the side effects of the disease do not get worse.

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If there is additional inflammation or injury to the eye, it must also be treated and cared for.

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