Labrador: work line and show line - what's the difference?

There are two different lines within Labrador breeding: the Labrador working line and the Labrador show line. But what defines the different types of Labrador and who does the dog best suit? In addition to different coat colors, the Labrador Retriever also has different breeding lines - Shutterstock / OlgaOvcharenko

A Labrador of the working line is usually characterized by a smaller weight and a smaller size. It is usually slimmer, smaller and lighter than its peer from the so-called show line. There are not only differences in terms of the external characteristics, there are also differences in the nature of the dogs - but the Labrador Retrievers are all lovable and great.

What do the Labrador work line and show line mean?

The Labrador work line and Labrador show line are basically two different breeding goals. The work line is also called the "field trial line", the show line is also called the "classic line".

Especially sporty Labradors are paired for the work line, which due to their smaller, finer stature are particularly well suited for use in hunting or for competitions in hunting dog sport (in English "Field Trial").

A family dog ​​does not necessarily need these characteristics, so there is also the breeding goal of the show line. The term is misleading because it is not just about looks, beauty and suitability for dog shows. The goal is rather healthy Labrador offspring, who is more suitable as a family dog ​​than his cousin from the work line due to his calmer temperament.

Labrador Retriever: A great family dog

What is the difference between work line and show line?

There are both visual and character differences between the Labrador work line and the Labrador show line. This is about trends, because every dog ​​is always an individual with its own personality and dog training also plays an important role in its development.

Laboratory labradors generally look more delicate than their peers, they are smaller, lighter and more delicate, but therefore faster and more agile. The classic line is noticeable by a larger, stockier body. For comparison:

Labrador Show line:

Labrador working line:

All Labradors want to please their favorite people and are easy to get along with and eager to learn. However, this so-called “will to please” is even more pronounced in the work line than in the show line, whose representatives are somewhat more relaxed and relaxed.

Which lab suits you better?

The Labrador work line produces dogs that need a lot of activity through dog sports, retrieving and hunting games. They are more suitable for experienced dog owners who want to take part in tournaments with their four-legged friends and do intensive dog sport. They also fit better than their cousins ​​as companions when hunting.

Beginners and parents who are looking for a reliable, tolerant and adaptable dog will probably get along better with a Labrador of the classic line. If you have any questions or doubts, you can get further advice from the dog breeder - a good breeder will be happy to answer your questions.

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