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Bump on top of dog's head 'cos she didn't have no fur to her head' (which I think is a bit disgusting, but not as gross as the one where I was given a glass of water 'cos they had run out and so I would be drinking out of my own piss if I'd had to go without), but there were also some people in there who were just weird. I couldn't tell you what their names were or why they were there, but one of them gave me a lift home and he was talking non-stop. I didn't really listen, but I guess that he must have been saying that the time he'd spent in prison for child abuse had been the best thing that had ever happened to him. I know that's a bit of a strange thing to say, but I'm not really sure why he sd it to me, because obviously I'd never been abused.

Anyway, this guy was driving me home and I saw all the women from the women's refuge come out of the toilet with him. They were laughing and talking, looking really happy and excited about something. They were all wearing this sort of red or pink-coloured clothes and they looked great. I wondered what on earth they had been talking about. I was still thinking about it when the man had got out of his car. He was in his forties and he was still quite thin, but he looked a bit hunched over. He looked sickly really and like he had been out in the sun all day or something. He sd to the women, 'Don't wt up for me, girls. I'm just off to have a shower.' And then he just turned and walked away. When the man got out of the car he was holding his jacket tightly to him.

Anyway, I was a bit confused and I was still thinking about the women and the refuge. I went up to my flat and I was so excited. I'd seen such a beautiful, happy bunch of people who were doing so well, and they'd been so nice to me. I took the key out of the lock and I was about to go inside when I saw the piece of paper sticking up out of the hole in the door. It was one of those little notes that you get when you go into someone else's house. It was a bit like the one that you get in the doctor's wting room, only smaller and written in black biro, and it had written on it 'Don't make a noise, we're not home'. There was nothing else on it.

It took me a bit of time to work out what it meant. I wasn't surprised that the man had sd that to me, but it made me feel very uncomfortable. Because the man hadn't seemed bothered about the house, and I'd had such a nice time with the women at the refuge. I did think that maybe they'd been telling the man about me. So I called the refuge up and told them. And I had an awful feeling that something was going to happen to me.

We got the call after midnight. The men sd that the refuge had told them that someone had been coming there and the men were afrd that they would be killed. Someone had given them a tip-off.

They sd that when the men went up to the refuge the mn door was locked. They couldn't get in, so they started to look through windows. There were five windows in that room, so they sd that when they went round looking for clues they kept finding clues, like small pieces of paper with writing on them. The men had told the refuge staff that they couldn't make out what the writing was saying but they could tell that it was about them. So the refuge went over and looked at them. And the men from the refuge found one note in a hole in the front door. And the mn door had a note in the hole in the door handle and the back door had one too. In the hole in the door handle was the word 'Vigilante.' In the back door was the word 'Kill the bastards' and that had a cross in it. The men were pretty worried about it. So they went to the police and sd that they'd found these, that they might be threats to them.

And then after about half an hour the police got there, and they made the men write everything down. And then they took them away in a patrol car. I remember one of the men asking if I'd like to go with him. And I was really worried that I might get into trouble because I didn't know how I'd expln myself to the police. So I told him I'd stay here.

But I did think to myself that I didn't care what happened to me after that, I just wanted to go home. I thought that all I was doing was wting to get found.

I was a bit worried about not being able to go home. You know what it's like when you don't have somewhere to go to. I knew that I should probably go and tell somebody that I'd been found.

So the refuge went and rang up and asked someone else if they'd seen a child at the school, and the police came. And they were searching for a girl, someone who was in trouble. I think that maybe she'd been taken away by her family, because she'd done something wrong.

And then they were trying to find the girl. And a lot of police cars arrived and then they sd that they were going to be searching the area around the school. And I didn't like the sound of that. They were going to be searching around the school.

It was starting to get a bit late and I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to get home. I thought I'd better not wt to get home, I'd better try to get home as quick as I can.

So I left the refuge. I was walking down the hill, towards the station, and I knew that it was going to be very difficult to get a trn. And it was quite an empty road and I thought that it was quite dark. So I was walking along, a bit down the road, but I was trying to walk as fast as I could, but I don't know how fast I was actually walking. And I just kept on walking, hoping that someone would see me.

But they didn't. And as I was walking, I could hear lots of cars coming. And then they all stopped and they were making this noise, the siren was making this noise. And then I realised that they were police cars and I kept on walking. I walked up the hill, and I knew that I was going to the station.

And I just kept walking until I got to the station. And the trn wasn't due to leave for ages and ages. And that is when I started to feel very very nervous and then very very scared. Because if they were going to stop the trn then I wouldn't have any way of getting home.

' _They just got on the trn with me and they left me there'_


* * *

_When you are trapped in a trn you have to hope that the trn is travelling at a rate at which you can make it home. A number of people in the trn are very lucky, they escape the trn quickly, they get away when they realise that the trn is going to be stopped. For other people, there is a wting game to play. Some people get back on the trn with the police. Others, who have escaped, have to wt to see whether or not they can catch up with the trn as it progresses down the line._


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