If the dog has an anxiety disorder: a definition

Your dog hardly dares to step outside the door, doesn't touch its food and howls at every opportunity? An anxiety disorder could be the reason for the behavior. But what is that anyway? Here is a definition. Anxiety disorder in dogs is a serious medical condition - Shutterstock / Frankie's

Fear is a feeling that cannot be precisely defined - an anxious dog is usually instinctively scared. Just because your four-legged friend is afraid of something does not mean that there is an anxiety disorder. A distinction must always be made between natural fear and a tangible disorder.

Fear is not a disturbance

Every dog ​​is sometimes afraid of certain stimuli, whether unknown or known. If his instinct judges something dangerous, such as thunderstorms or fast-moving cars on the street, a dog is afraid. When the danger is over, the thunderstorm has passed and the car is around the next bend, a healthy dog ​​picks itself up again. As a rule, a dog who is afraid is always able to either explore the unpleasant stimulus or to flee from it. However, if the fur nose suffers from an anxiety disorder, it is neither physically nor psychologically capable and shows the typical symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

When an animal psychologist can help the dog

If your dog shows behavioral problems that are not medically justified, an animal psychologist is ...

Anxiety Disorder: A Definition

The definition of an anxiety disorder in dogs is basically the same as that in humans. It is usually about an exaggerated, often incomprehensible fear of a certain stimulus (or multiple stimuli). The reaction in dogs is usually very violent and continues for a while, even though the supposed danger has already passed. A disturbed dog is often so frightened that his behavior is characterized by unnecessarily increased vigilance regarding a possible fight. In the worst case, this leads to constant stress or frequent stress.

The causes of an anxiety disorder in dogs can be varied. It is important that you act correctly as the owner and have the dog's anxiety disorders treated.

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