Sam's club dog food

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Sam's club dog food

Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and was browsing around for ideas on what to do with my 10 month old male lab mix puppy who is getting a bit chubby. My husband wants me to get him in shape but the problem is the kibble we eat for our dogs costs way more than we can afford.

So we were looking around at the Sam's club website for the cheapest food avlable. My husband was able to get some in the "gourmet" section which was really good but he says it is way too expensive and that it looks like "dog food".

I had also considered trying to mix the dog food with a bit of dog food. He sd he could probably do that but not sure if that would cause any adverse affects and I don't want to hurt him.

I also had thought about trying to use canned foods but agn not sure how to mix them with the kibble without making it all mushy. Any ideas?

We have an 8 year old Golden Retriever who is pretty chubby too. We supplement his food with some canned food. I think it would be better if he had a higher percentage of meat in his food than the Sam's Club gourmet food. You don't want to give him too much because he could get an upset stomach.

The Sam's club food is a better deal than the "Gourmet" food because they have a lower protein content and it is more economical. If you take the "Gourmet" and mix it with canned food, you won't be able to tell which food is which. The taste won't be good.

Here's a trick to make it look like gourmet dog food that is way cheaper. Take a can of salmon that you buy at the supermarket and cut the top off. Pour out the contents into a bowl, and mix with a small amount of Sam's Club dog food, and some dry food that you buy at the supermarket. Put it in a pan and simmer for about an hour. Now it looks just like the Sam's Club gourmet dog food.

I'd stick with the Sam's club gourmet food if you can afford it. I know a couple of dog owners who feed the gourmet food to their dogs. But it looks a little different than the Sam's Club food. Some dogs don't like it. It is better to use the Sam's club food. The only problem is that the food is a bit more expensive than the Sam's club food.

I use the same canned meat with my dogs as the owners I was trned by used when I started trning them. So I don't know if they will tolerate canned food and it was a lot less expensive than "premium" food.

My dog is a Lab and I use a bit of the gourmet food and the rest of the kibble. It has been easy to mix, and the gourmet has a good mix of meat and veggies. We always try to do the best we can afford. If we can't afford the better food, we go with the less expensive, but still decent food.

I have a german shepherd and he loves gourmet dog food. When I bought the food for him at Sam's club he had a few of the other dogs try some and it was disgusting to them. They have never had the gourmet food. I think the cost of the gourmet food is the only reason it is not a big seller.

We have a 10 yr old female Lab and she has been on the same brand of Sam's club food for years now. It has all her favorite meats and veggies. She seems to be thriving on it.

My parents have a 6 yr old lab and they feed him the same brand of Sam's club. When he was first fed the Sam's club, he ate a lot of kibble because I was just starting out as a trner, so we gave him a mixture of the Sam's club and the kibble. He really liked it. They have been feeding him the Sam's club for the past 3 years and he seems to like it, but not all the time. Sometimes they get a can of gourmet meat with the Sam's club and he will eat it all by itself. I think Sam's club is just as good as gourmet food, but you have to buy it in small quantities. If you buy it all at once you can overdo it.

I've heard that dogs really like to eat what their mother eats. I would guess that is the reason your dog likes Sam's club.

I don't think that dogs will like it if you mix kibble and gourmet. There are different companies and the taste may not be the same. I would guess that the Sam's club would probably have better nutrition, though.

I was just going to post the same thing that the previous person sd. I have a lab mix and he loves the gourmet food from Sam's club. I use the Sam's club with a mixture of the gourmet and the regular kibble. My dog eats the Sam's club and is happy with it. It has good nutrition, and he eats it every day. You can mix the two foods and he won't tell you that he doesn't like it. He loves it. The gourmet food is also expensive, but you don't have to feed a lot of it every day. You can feed him the Sam's club with a mixture of the two every other day and he will still eat it. It's the cheapest food that I've found that I like to feed to my dog, but my dog is happy with it. I use the Sam's club food with a mixture of the gourmet and regular kibble, too.

My dog loves gourmet food too. He eats it because it is the only kind of dog food he will eat. He loves it. He was born with food allergies. When I found out about that, I started feeding him gourmet food and he was completely allergy free. I use the gourmet food from a company called Taste of the Wild. It costs more than other foods, but it is so good for dogs

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