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Cat power i found a reason to go to the gym agn today, so after the morning exercise and eating breakfast, I got back to the hotel and packed my suitcase, ready to leave. I had to get to my next stop, which is Crns and then back to Singapore to catch my flight back home.

So now, I have arrived at the rport and made my way to my gate.

But in all the excitement of leaving KL, I forgot to pay the rport tax and hence ended up paying the duty tax in Crns. So when I had landed, I asked the immigration official what was my duty tax in Crns. He sd it was about $7.50.

And I sd, “Can I pay you in Dollars instead of Ringgit, and pay you in Crns Dollars and get a refund in Singapore Dollars”?

He sd, “No, not at the rport.”

So, I asked, “So, if I don’t want to pay duty tax in Ringgit, is it not going to make a difference as long as I pay duty tax in USD?”

And the answer was, “Yes.”

So what can I do?

Well, I had an option to ask for a refund in Singapore Dollars at the rport duty station.

But it was $3 per person for an additional $2.50 for Singapore Dollars refund and another $3 for the duty pd in Singapore Dollars. So I did not want to bother them with that additional $5 fee for my additional $2.50.

And then, when I came to Australia, I saw that duty tax in Australian Dollars was $7.50. So why should I bother with all the hassle of paying duty tax in Singapore Dollars? And then I would have to pay for the r fare to Singapore and then to KL as well.

So I just gave up on my idea to pay my duty tax in Crns Dollars and just pd it in AUD $7.50.

But you can ask for your refund at the rport duty tax counter. I did not see any queue. So you better hurry up and ask your friend to pay for you, and tell them to send you your refund in SGD.

So when we arrived, we got to the immigration checkpoint.

At first, we were very confused about the immigration checkpoint at the rport. There was no queue and we just walked right in and it took us about 30 minutes to get checked.

It took us another 5 minutes or so to get our luggage checked and after that, we just had to go strght to the check-in counter.

We went to the counter to check in and they gave me an e-ticket for my return flight to Singapore.

It was not an e-ticket. It was an actual paper boarding pass. It was a ‘normal’ paper boarding pass, just like what you would get when you fly to Singapore and the ticket is purchased in the rlines website, like rAsia.

And that was when we first realized that this flight was NOT an rAsia flight.

I have never seen a paper boarding pass, for an rAsia flight before.

It did not look like an rAsia paper boarding pass.

So, after wting for about 2 hours, we finally got to check in and then we proceeded to the security checkpoint.

We had to go through the metal detectors and we went through the x-ray machines.

I had to take off my shoes, belt and jacket as I had to go through the x-ray machine agn.

Then, after that, I went through the scanner machine and then they sd that I need to go to the body scanner.

And then I was so tired that I just sat down on the chr to wt.

The security person came and I told her that I had my body scanned before, so she just put me through the machine and let me through.

When I got to the other side of the security checkpoint, I saw my friend with a big smile on her face.

She was very happy that she was just 2 hours later and in a whole different country, than me.

But this trip was all pd for by her and she could have wted for me.

She was even happier that I was going to be arriving before her, on her birthday.

But we just got to the baggage clm and there was still about 30 minutes left before my flight was due to land.

We went outside and wted for my flight.

We went to the car park, as there was a queue of people wting for a bus and it was about an hour’s drive to the other side of Crns.

We went for a walk and bought some food at the rport.

There were so many food stalls, all you could see was red on the food stalls, as they all were decorated in red.

I had never been to Australia before and I did not know what they were selling, so I bought some BBQ pork buns, chips and a big bottle of water.

We came back to the rport and I started to wonder where the bus stop for the car park was, as I had forgotten to bring a map with me.

I just went looking for a sign and I started to look at the other passengers and they were just all getting into the bus and they were looking at me like, “What are you looking at, she looks lost.”

And I thought to myself, “Well, at least they can understand my lostness”.

But when I looked at them, they were all wearing Australia’s colors and I was just like, “I should have brought my passport.”

So then, we went back to the car park and we sat there, wting for the bus.

After about an hour, we saw the bus arrive and the crowd of people in front of us were going into the bus.

We were about to

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