Sponsor shelter cats with a sponsorship

If you cannot take in a cat and still want to do something good, you can become active with an animal sponsorship. Every animal shelter is happy about the support from sponsors and has one little worry less with every financial help. Sponsorships are often offered for animals that are difficult to place - Shutterstock / Bruno-Passigatti

Almost every animal shelter offers sponsorships. No wonder, because dogs and cats that are waiting to be mediated all have one thing in common: They need good food, care and medical care - and all of this costs money.

How a sponsorship works

If you want to sponsor a cat, you can visit a shelter near you or look at the website of the facility. Most of the time, different velvet paws are presented there that are looking for a sponsor - often it is animals that find it difficult to find a new home due to their age or illness. You may even be able to download an application for animal sponsorship from the animal shelter's website. Sponsors usually have to be of legal age and be able to provide financial support to the cat.

Help with monthly donations

Sponsoring a cat is usually associated with a monthly donation amount that you can set. Some animal shelters also specify a minimum amount, for example five euros. You can see exactly what is happening to your money in the application or inquire at the respective animal shelter. Usually it is used for the ongoing costs related to the patent animal: i.e. for cat food, care and veterinary care. You usually get a sponsorship certificate, a donation certificate and the option to visit your sponsored cat. And of course both the velvet paw and the animal shelter are very grateful to you.

Other ways to support an animal shelter

You can not only support the cats in a shelter with a sponsorship. For example, those who cannot guarantee long-term financial support for an animal have the option of volunteering at the animal shelter. In summer, when unfortunately a particularly large number of cats and kittens are abandoned on the street, the animal shelters are often overcrowded. They can help caregivers with simple tasks such as feeding baby cats or cleaning rooms and litter boxes. Of course, feed donations are always very welcome.

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