Why does my dog push against me

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Why does my dog push against me?

Hi, I've been living in NY for 8 months now and after a nice visit to the doctor, I was finally diagnosed with a pinched nerve between a back leg and tail. This is what I did from when I got home.

My veterinarian prescribed me 2 weeks of pain meds, cortizone shots, and a 2 month supply of prednisone (tied to my heart-rate monitor so I have to rest in case my heart speeds up). I had these 3 injections in my rear leg and then the doc gave me some meds to get me through the first week. For the 2nd week she prescribed an injection in each of my ankles to help with the inflammation. I then took a steroid taper in the form of a long acting cortizone in my tail end. This is where I have been. I have had no relief whatsoever. I live on pain meds. I'm not an athlete so I can't do much for a few weeks after my injections.

I noticed that my tail has been acting a bit 'agitated' and pushing against me like a 'clumsy' dog should. I don't think it's something I can control, I think it is a reaction to the fact that the medications are making it's tail worse by inflamed it and that they haven't subsided. What can I do about it?

I'm not looking for relief as much as I'm looking for information to help my doc know how to help me in the future.

If the dog is in pain, it can't help you unless you're ready to hold it in a sling while it gets X-rays done or take it to the vet immediately to get a sedative. If you'd like to be more involved and do something about it yourself, talk to your vet about it. You want to talk to your vet about any changes in your dog's behavior or body language. For example, if your dog seems to have more of an alert attitude when in pain, that is something you should speak to the vet about.

I don't think you are looking for 'relief' as much as you are looking to do something about it yourself, which is great! The information you are looking for is 'how to handle the situation at home'.

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