Do cats protect their owners

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Do cats protect their owners?


No, and that's kind of the point of a cat. If you have a dog who would be willing to defend you, you will have a dog that would be a bit more loyal and protective than most other domesticated animals. That's why they've been bred for thousands of years. They are also generally easier to deal with, more friendly and less likely to get into trouble when you're not home.

As to why there are cat videos online? It's the cats. They like to be watched. A lot of them have personalities (that's a technical term in cats) similar to dogs. The internet gives you an outlet to see cats doing cute and interesting things, which people enjoy. I personally enjoy cats.

If you don't want to watch them, then you can also read about them. There's a lot of interesting scientific research on cats out there, in particular about their behaviour. That sd, cats aren't really interested in you unless you've caught them doing something they're interested in.

Cats don't live with their owners the way dogs do, so cats don't generally live to protect their owners from harm. The best they can hope for is that their owner will prevent harm to them. If they get in trouble, it's likely that it's because they're trying to do something the owner won't allow them to do, which is often to protect the owner's interests or their own. In this case, cats are probably trying to figure out what their owner is doing or trying to do to them.


Cats protect their owners by not being the cat that most of their lives is around and by not biting or being bitten.

Most cats do not like to bite people or any other animals and when they are provoked, they will back off rather than escalate the situation.

Cats generally will not get into a situation where they have to fight or bite another animal. In the cases that they do, they are generally doing so to defend or protect something that is important to them or is being taken away from them, such as food or a safe place to sleep.

In addition, cats can and do protect their owners by keeping away dangerous animals. For instance, when I lived in an apartment building where cats were allowed, it was common for cats to keep away snakes and birds by jumping up on the roof.


A few things:

First, it is only a cat if it is a house cat. Dogs are not really "tamed" at all. They will do what ever they want. So if you have a dog, it will protect you when it is hungry, sick or you are asleep (even if it is sleeping with its head in your pillow). The only time a dog will really protect you is if you are attacked by something larger than they are.

Second, cats will protect you (and not at all) because they will do whatever you want. So if you want a cat to scratch your leg, it will scratch your leg. If you want it to curl up next to you on the couch, it will do it. You can't make a cat do anything it does not want to do. The only time a cat will protect you is if you give it a reason to. Like if you are in a burning building and your cat is trying to get you out, that is when you will get the protection.

Finally, cats don't really protect people in any way. If a cat is sick, people try to pet it and it will bite them. If they try to get in the way, they will claw them (or jump on them or whatever). If a cat wants something (food, water, attention), they will try to get it. They will also protect the cat or kitten they are with, even if the person is just standing there. So they do not protect us and we have no way of getting in the way of a cat's needs.

This is what I've found to be true when I have owned cats. I've also had a lot of friends who have had cats and I know people who have owned dogs for a long time.

Edit: I just want to add one other thing. It is true that cats do not do anything to protect humans. They also don't do anything to harm humans. So, if a cat was in the way, they will not attack you. But if you were to attack them, you would not get attacked (unless you were a very bad person)

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