Do cats need probiotics in their diet?

Probiotics for cats are offered in different variations. Whether the probiotic foods and supplements actually have a health-promoting effect depends on the individual case. Read here what probiotics are and what they are used for. Probiotic feed can be good for your cat's health in some cases - Shutterstock / Jakub Zak

In order to find out whether probiotic products make sense for your cat, you should be aware of the mode of action and targeting of probiotics. Read more about the bacteria here to make the best decision for your room tiger.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are certain living and useful bacteria that can promote health. The best known are probiotics in milk products, the so-called lactic acid bacteria, such as lactobacilli or bifidobacteria. Enterococcus faec is one of the probiotics useful for cats. However, they are not included in the usual preparations.

For probiotic germs to be effective, they have to withstand stomach acid and digestive enzymes and be able to pass through the stomach and small intestine. Only if they get into the large intestine alive can they benefit the intestinal flora and thus have a positive effect on the entire organism.

Bacteria are considered "probiotic" for cats if they ...

● have a health benefit for the recipient.
● arrive alive in the intestine to be able to work.
● have no pathogenic properties, i.e. are harmless to health.
● are adapted to the digestive tract of cats.
● are suitable for the manufacture of the respective product.

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How and what do probiotics work on?

Probiotic products and supplements can have a positive health effect on your velvet paw in very different areas. If your cat has problems with the intestinal flora or the immune system, for example, a probiotic diet can make sense.

Probiotic food can have a beneficial effect on the microflora in the intestine if your house tiger regularly consumes the food. To the positive Effects on the intestinal flora include here:

● Inhibition of unwanted germs
● Protection against the ingress of pathogens
● Relieving diarrhea from intestinal infections
● Regulation and stimulation of bowel movements in case of constipation

Probiotics also help your cat Gastrointestinal disorders, The following applies to both diarrhea caused by bacteria and those caused by viruses: probiotics have preventive and healing effects. Favorable effects are also shown for inflammations in the gastrointestinal area (gastroenteritis), for example in connection with food intolerance. Probiotics can also help with candida albicans disease by reducing the fungal rate.

Probiotics take longer to pass through the gastrointestinal tract and contain living microorganisms in which the enzyme for breaking down milk sugar is present. This results in positive effects in lactose intolerance, i.e. one lactose intolerance, which develops in most cats after switching to a fixed diet.

Probiotics have one positive impact on the immune system: They increase the activity of the body cells. These form defenses that fight foreign substances and pathogens that are harmful to health. So the body of your velvet paw can fight against germs better.

Some probiotic bacterial cultures can do this Lower your cat's risk of cancer, They reduce the number of bacteria that contain enzymes that may trigger cancer. In addition, probiotics can bind carcinogenic substances from food and inhibit the formation of secondary bile acids, which are also considered to be carcinogenic.

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Does my cat need probiotics?

If your cat is healthy and shows no abnormalities in any of the areas mentioned, you can either do without probiotic products or use them as a preventative measure. The good thing: If you use probiotics, there are no risks with regular use, they are harmless to health.

Since probiotic lactic acid bacteria have a natural resistance to some types of antibiotics, they can also be taken during drug therapy, for example worming.

When dosing the probiotic bacteria, there is currently no precise knowledge of how many probiotics are beneficial to your cat's health. An effect of probiotic yoghurts, for example, is controversial, since it contains only a small amount of probiotic bacteria. In case of doubt, it is best to get detailed advice from your veterinarian.

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